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James R. Amarosa

Trial and Appellate Lawyer / Supreme Court Certified Mediator / Arbitrator

James R. Amarosa is an experienced attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator as well as an arbitrator who is known for his ability to resolve complex disputes. He is distinguished in handling county, circuit, appellate and family law issues.

Mr. Amarosa has mediated and handled cases in a variety of legal matters that have allowed the parties to avoid litigation and going to court for matters that were resolved through the mediation process.

Mr. Amarosa is a practicing attorney and was first certified as a mediator in 2006, he has recertified and continues to mediate cases through his practice which is located in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Amarosa has conducted numerous jury and bench trials and he has been honored by representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in getting successful trial verdicts.

Mr. Amarosa is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate court appointed as well private cases in county, circuit, appellate and family law cases. Mr. Amarosa is certified as an appellate mediator he has argued issues to the justices with the Second District Courts of Appeals which have been published in the Florida Law Weekly.

Many of Mr. Amarosa’s mediations and training cases have involved substantial assets, business and professional practices, sometimes involving millions of dollars. These high-end liability, family law, contract, commercial and negligence disputes involve extensive mediation and Mr. Amarosa works hard to bring the parties together to resolve their issues and disputes.

Drawing on his experience as a trial attorney, Mr. Amarosa has mediated a wide range of disputes, with many resolved claims. Even in those cases where resolution appears impossible, Mr. Amarosa keeps the parties engaged and talking in an attempt to reach an agreement and resolve the dispute. His dedication to the mediation process has resulted in mediation success.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

– Jack Canfield